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Team Drivers Wanted

Winning is secondary, Promotion and Attitude are primary. 
What does this mean you ask?
Always be respectful and friendly even in the most difficult situations.
Help the fellow racer and offer advice if you see someone having a bad day.
Promote Kinetic R/C™ products by telling people about them.
Then after that, get on the track and do your best!!! 

How it works:
If you are approved as a Team Driver you will receive discounts on all the products we offer. You will be able to log-in to your online account to order products as needed. 
Unfortunately we can't approve everyone who submits a resume, so please don't take this personal. We don't want to over saturate areas, but instead have a few in each region.
Feel free to resubmit your race resume every 3 months if not approved the first time.

Team Drivers are not allowed to sell products at the track unless they are an authorized retailer. Instead Team Drivers are to support the local hobby shop who stock Kinetic R/C™ products. If they don't stock our products then feel free to ask them to carry them. Or send us all their contact information and we will contact them.

If you are interested in becoming a Team Driver click the link below. 
Select  "Team Driver" for Department
Please don't forget to attach your Race Resume.